The Dr. Alan & Diane Breier Prevention and Recovery Center (PARC) for Early Psychosis is located on the lower level of the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital. Founded in 2009, PARC is a full-service center for young people, ages 16 to 35, who are at high risk for, or currently experiencing, the earliest stages of a psychotic disorder. PARC has three highly specialized clinical programs, which are described below. 

In addition, PARC serves as a research center to improve outcomes and a training site for students and residents across a range of mental health and other disciplines. 

PARC team members work to develop and maintain strong relationships with clients and their families to support recovery and prevent relapse. They tailor treatment to each individual and employ many approaches including education, case management services, individual and group therapy, employment/educational services, and psychiatric medication management. 

PARC team members also communicate with other health care providers and key community-based professionals to enhance understanding of mental illness among individuals outside the mental health field. 

For more information about PARC or if you would like to make a referral, please contact Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center Access at 317.880.8491 or one of our program-specific referral lines.

  • The Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis –
    Indiana Clinic for Assessment, Resilience, and Early Detection (PARC iCARE)

    The mission of PARC iCARE is to improve the present and future lives of young people, ages 16 to 35, who are experiencing symptoms consistent with an increased risk for psychosis. 

    Program goals: 

    • Be a resource of information and education for the community through outreach.

    • Help individuals experiencing symptoms receive a prompt assessment.

    • Promote overall well-being and engagement for clients in meaningful life roles.

    • Delay or prevent the onset of psychosis.

    • Provide a path for treatment for individuals who have developed psychosis.

    • Provide support to families of clients.

    If you or someone you know is experiencing early warning signs of psychosis, please call the iCARE referral line at 317.880.8171

    These include progressive and significant deterioration in functioning (school, work, social); withdrawal from friends and sometimes family; sensory sensitivity (light, sound, touch); decreased sense of smell, subtle, very brief and infrequent illusions or hallucinations; reduced coordination and increased clumsiness; difficulties understanding others or being understood in conversation; reduced concentration, attention, memory; suspiciousness, paranoia or baseless fearfulness; odd ideas and behavior that are new and uncharacteristic of the individual; delusional thinking, but without conviction; anxiety, irritability, depressed or unstable mood; reduced drive, motivation and energy; and sleep disturbance.

  • PARC Coordinated Specialty Care (PARC CSC)

    PARC CSC provides early screening, prevention and intervention services for individuals ages 16 to 35 who have experienced a first episode of psychosis within the past five years.

    PARC CSC provides comprehensive clinical services with multidisciplinary teams evaluating and addressing every participant’s individual needs. Each team member completed training specific to first episode psychosis and is required to adhere to the evidence-based “OnTrack” model of care.

    Three clinical teams, each comprised of a psychiatrist, psychologist, team leader, therapist, case manager, nurse and a supportive employment and supported education specialist, serve clients. Additional staff provides outreach and educational services. The PARC CSC program aims to improve functioning, promote wellness and recovery, and ultimately improve outcomes for young people with psychotic disorders.
    If you or someone you know is experiencing first episode or recent onset psychosis, please call the PARC CSC referral line at 317.880.8669.
  • PARC Telehealth Services

    The PARC Telehealth program provides coordinated specialty care to individuals experiencing their first episode of psychosis. 
    It uses a team-based approach to care, which can include specialized intensive therapy, case management, educational/employment support and medication management. With the use of telehealth technologies, the PARC team in Indianapolis, Indiana, can provide services to the consumers of the three community mental health centers in Indiana listed below.

    Allen County, IN
    Park Center
    1.866.481.2700, ext. 2393

    Monroe County, IN

    Lake County, IN
    Edgewater Health
    219.885.4264, ext. 2091
  • PARC Research

    PARC is dedicated to furthering the understanding of the causes of psychosis and developing new, more effective treatment alternatives. As a center of research excellence, PARC conducts cutting-edge clinical trials of novel therapeutics for psychosis. Additionally, neuroimaging technologies are used to investigate the roles of brain structure, function and metabolism in illness occurrence. Since opening, PARC has enrolled hundreds of young clients with early psychosis for treatment, many of whom also participate in research studies.

    PARC conducts research through surveys and questionnaires, medication trials, psychotherapy trials, brain imaging, repetitive transcranial stimulation and genetic studies. Research helps to develop new drugs to help fight disease and illness, and every participant is important in reaching those goals. Participants receive excellent medical care, may receive study procedures at no cost and are often paid for their time. 

    A physician reviews volunteers’ medical history, and the research team answers questions and determines if they qualify. Patients can discontinue participation at any time, and volunteering does not affect their clinical care. 

    If you or someone you know if interested in participating in a PARC Research program, please call 317.274.0474.
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