“My name is José and before I enrolled in the Healthy Me program I was feeling depressed, I had headaches, and pain in my legs and hips all the time. My clothes were not fitting anymore and it was very frustrating. The color of my skin was different. At home I felt lazy and not motivated to do things with my family. Then, to top it off, my doctor told me I had diabetes. When she told me the bad news I started to cry and I felt even more depressed. 

“When I came to my first appointment to see Healthy Me coach Liz Farfan, I was 248 pounds and we started to make small goals. I started to eat more vegetables and fruits, and started decreasing tortillas, rice, convenience foods and fast foods. I eliminated sugar and fried foods, and limited potatoes. 
I started to eat smaller portions and took my lunch to work. I also started to go to the gym five days a week.

“At the beginning I could not walk for 20 minutes without feeling out of breath, and had pain in my body but I did not give in. I pushed myself to start jogging. Then, when it got easier, I started to run. I kept fighting my desires to eat more and exercise less because I knew that if I kept going back I would not survive much longer. 

“After seven months I have lost 67 lbs and I feel like a new person! I lost 14 inches in my waist. No more diabetes and no more depression. Now friends and family are inspired by my changes and now they are all going to the gym.  

“Dr. Robles at Eskenazi Health West 38th Street is so proud of me as is my Healthy Me coach.  The key to success is to be patient, and have dedication and perseverance. Thank you Healthy Me for your support and accountability.”

José Perez Carrera, Eskenazi Health West 38th Street 

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