The Eskenazi Health Center for Spiritual Care & Education team is a tangible expression of Eskenazi Health’s commitment to whole-person care. Eskenazi Health recognizes that a hospitalization is more than a medical diagnosis, visiting a patient is more than just the journey in, and coming to work is more than punching a time clock. As human beings, there is a spiritual element to each moment that deserves to be honored, respected and nurtured. No matter the reason, chaplains are always ready to come alongside, to walk the journey with patients and visitors, and to be a calm, attentive presence.

A member of the Center for Spiritual Care & Education team is on site around the clock and can be reached through an Eskenazi Health staff member or contacted directly at 317.880.7120. Staff members are also available to assist patients and families who are seeking to make connection with representatives of their own faith tradition.

  • When Should I Call A Chaplain?
  • The Naphtali Isaac Eskenazi Sanctuary

Eskenazi Health chaplains are always ready to assist patients, families and staff with their needs, whenever they arise. In particular, they are able to help with:

  • Concern about spiritual matters
  • Seeking meaning, guidance or direction during a hospitalization
  • Worries about death and dying
  • Questions about and completion of Advance Directives
  • Difficult decisions
  • Personal crises
  • Providing a listening ear

Sometimes, due to the often confusing and fast-paced tempo of the hospital environment, spiritual needs may come up in the midst of a crisis. A chaplain can be called immediately when:

  • Someone asks for prayer or spiritual support or to be connected with his/her home congregation
  • Religious accommodations are necessary surrounding treatment, the dying process and the care of the body after death
  • Specific sacraments/rituals may be needed before death
  • A death has occurred
  • Questions arise about funeral planning

The Naphtali Isaac Eskenazi Sanctuary, located on the second floor of the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital, is open to people of all backgrounds and traditions and is a place of quiet and peace in the midst of a busy environment.

Programming is offered on Sundays, most weekdays at 12 p.m. and on holy days as posted. Please contact Eskenazi Health Spiritual Care at 317.880.7120 for more detailed information on scheduled services, or consult the digital signage placed throughout the main campus.

In addition to regularly scheduled programming, arrangements may be made to use the Naphtali Isaac Eskenazi Sanctuary for the following events:

  • Baptisms
  • Weddings
  • Renewal of vows
  • Memorial services

Depending on the tradition and needs, a chaplain can help or may be able to assist the patient or visitor in making arrangements congruent with his/her own faith tradition. Please contact Eskenazi Health Spiritual Care at 317.880.7120 for more information.

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