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People diagnosed with cancer can experience overwhelming emotional, physical, financial and social challenges. With proceeds from the annual Decorators’ Show House, St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild partnered with Eskenazi Health to establish the EMBRACE program in 2007, with the goal that no one faces cancer alone.

The Eskenazi Health EMBRACE team reaches out to newly diagnosed patients, helping them through the confusing array of emotions and information that come with a cancer diagnosis. EMBRACE provides encouragement and addresses many of the concerns and barriers to care confronting those with cancer.
As if a diagnosis of cancer isn’t frightening enough, many people receiving treatment at Eskenazi Health are already faced with significant challenges in life, including limited financial means. The EMBRACE program provides services that literally wrap around these patients, who many times have no other support systems to count on.

Eskenazi Health EMBRACE provides supportive services through a holistic approach, strengthening the ability to adjust to life with cancer.

For more information or to make referrals, please call at 317.880.4930.

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