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Eskenazi Health Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) seeks to address civil legal issues that affect patients’ health. By addressing the underlying social factors that many patients face, the MLP contributes to improved health outcomes. Physicians, nurses and social workers can incorporate legal services into a patient’s overall treatment plan. After receiving a referral to the MLP, patients can meet with an MLP attorney, certified legal intern or paralegal to receive appropriate advice or representation.

Eskenazi Health MLP began in 2008 and has processed thousands of referrals for legal services. The MLP partners with Indiana Legal Services, Faegre Baker Daniels, Eli Lilly and Joseph Maley Foundation to provide free legal services.

Patients interested in civil MLP services are asked to talk with their nurse, physician or social worker at an Eskenazi Health Center or Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center location for a referral.

MLP offers assistance with:

  • Housing
  • Consumer rights
  • Immigration
  • Family and stability
  • Government benefits
  • Education law
  • Decision-making
  • Gender marker changes/name changes
  • Expungement (setting aside a criminal conviction)

Specialty Services

The MLP also assists with services such as:

  • Guardianship of incapacitated adults seen at the Center for Youth & Adults with Conditions of Childhood when a family member or friend is available to become the guardian.
  • Advanced care and end-of-life planning services for patients in Eskenazi Health Oncology and preparation of advanced planning documents at an annual wills clinic held each summer for all Eskenazi Health patients.
  • Legal guidance related to domestic and sexual assault concerns for patients seen in the Eskenazi Health Center of Hope. This service is supported by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute STOP Program.

The MLP does not assist with divorce proceedings, bankruptcy, criminal defense or personal injury matters.

For more information, please contact the Eskenazi Health Medical-Legal Partnership at 317.880.4814.

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