June 2017

Planking has become increasingly popular for core strengthening and for good reason: It works – in large part because it engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. 

  1. Start by lying face down on the ground or use an 
    exercise mat. Place your elbows and forearms underneath your chest.

  2. Prop yourself up to form a bridge using your toes and 

  3. Maintain a flat back and do not allow your hips to sag towards the ground.

  4. Hold this position and focus on tightening your abs until you can no longer maintain a flat bridge. For beginners, start with 10 seconds and gradually increase your time. Try to work up to 3 minutes.

  5. Return to start position.

  6. Remember to not let your hips and back sag. This exercise will only be effective if you work to maintain a flat line from your shoulders to your feet. You might want to start in front of a mirror to learn the technique.

Source: American Council on Exercise,  https://www.acefitness.org/exercise-library-details/1/114/


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