Eskenazi Health encourages all prospective diverse suppliers to seek certification from a bona-fide certification agency, preferably a local government entity such as the City of Indianapolis or the State of Indiana.  Some recommendations are listed below:

Membership and certification from any of these agencies can provide benefits to a small, local or disadvantaged companies in several ways, regardless of ethnicity.  Benefits of certification may include: access to business opportunity fairs, customized education, networking opportunities, business leads and invitations to RFPs.   
Eskenazi Health, as part of the Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County, gives preference to local suppliers that are certified by the City of Indianapolis.


Focus on three pillars of success: 1) maximizing opportunities, 2) mentoring and enrichment, and 3) fostering collaboration.


To serve the local community by creating an open environment for doing business with vendors to ensure a business environment that cultivates the inclusion of businesses owned and run by minorities, women, veterans and disabled persons. 

For questions about supplier diversity, contact us at supplier.diversity@eskenazihealth.edu or 317.880.3700.


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